Fairies, Elves and Sprites!

Little Elf hat

I think this is my favorite costume that I’ve designed for my store. The little elf works for all ages, boys and girls. The funny hat can be worn as a costume as well as a winter hat and the elf shoes make great house slippers! The kids love all the magical and make-believe costumes.

Little Elf

Can’t you just see the sun rays streaming through the tall, green trees and far below, on the mossy forest floor, a little elf  is sitting under a big, red mushroom. There are fairies, sprites and elves luking in the nooks and crannies of this beautiful world.

Magical Mushrooms

Oh! Look! Here are the big red mushrooms of the fairy forest.


Our imaginations can take us anywhere we’d like to go, just notice your children and listen to their private, play conversations. No one can see these fairies, elves and sprites inside their little worlds. Elves, fairies and sprites are free to do as they please;  This is why they are sometimes cheeky and mischievous.

Elf and his pet frog

Fairies are easy to find if you know where to look. Outside, in the trees, in the tall grass, inside the flowers and blooming vines, look very closely. Sshhhhh!

Beautiful Fairy
Flower Fairy

6 thoughts on “Fairies, Elves and Sprites!”

  1. I’m really sorry about the delay; these patterns were packed away when I closed my store. I dug out the elf hat pattern. I won’t have time to photo step by step instructions before the holidays, but if you’d like I can put the pattern and basic instructions together and put it on my Etsy site. If you’re still interested, let me know and let me know the age of your child.


  2. Hi, I also really love your elf costumes und would love to have the patterns. Little elf, male elf and flower fairy. For the age of a 3 year old and a grown up size 38-40: I tell fairytales and like making my own costumes.

    Is it doable?

    please let me know somthing,

    kind regards,


  3. Hi Guen,

    Thanks, I’m glad you like my costumes! I’m currently up to my eyeballs making costumes for Purim right now; after Purim (first week of March) I will start addressing patterns that people have asked for. I’ll be making the elf hat, I can make the elf costume (in both sizes) for you but it will take till mid March or so. I think storytelling in costume will be adorable!

    I’ll e-mail you again in March,


  4. Good day

    I am having an elf party for my daughter. Is it possible for me to buy the pattern for the elf please?

    There will be children ranging from 6 months to 14 years old at the party – a huge gap I know, but these are her friends & family….

    Thank you

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