Felting classes in Chicago

downtown Chicago

Getting around in downtown Chicago wasn’t very easy this year as Michigan Ave. and other streets were closed due to the shooting of the Transformers 3 movie. It was pretty wild seeing the “war zone” looking scenery and wreckage laid out all over Wacker Drive. Even though we didn’t stay in Chicago this summer as long as we usually do, I did manage to do one really interesting thing; I took a felting class with Deborah Pope, from the blog site Altered Threads. I’ve been following Deborah’s blog for a while now and I’ve always admired her felted dolls. What luck that she was in Chicago with the NIADA doll conference at the same time I was! I thought that I was signing up at the NIADA doll conference to take a needle felting class, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that she doesn’t needle felt, she wet felts and is able to make these amazing dolls with the wet felt technique. I’d never wet felted before, so I learned the basics of wet felting and a few little tricks in the two classes that I took. Some really nice ladies from all over the United States and I each made our own adorable fish in the Dream Fish class and a  tiny hat in the Haute Chapeaux class. As a patient and friendly instructor, I’d highly recommend taking a class from Deborah; I thought she was a great teacher.

Deborah's Victoria doll
Deborah's Herr Hiram Rabbit doll

This rabbit is my favorite of Deborah’s dolls. She hand painted his eyes and meticulously sewed his clothes and shoes….and she made the chair he’s sitting in. I’m now thinking about how I can use my new found information and how I can combine needle felting and wet felting to make something unique!

Deborah and her Herr Hiram rabbit doll