Kids and Moms love Teddy Bears

Emili and the big teddy bear

Over the years, I’ve made about everything you could think of for a child as with a  teddy bear theme. I have many teddy bears that were childhood toys and I still have them; My girls received many as newborn presents and they still have them too. When they were small, I made teddy bear bibs…

Teddy Bear bib

I made teddy bear blankets…

Sleeping with a bear blanket

 I made teddy bear bags of all kinds to keep things in…

Teddy Bear Bag
Teddy Bear Bag
Teddy Bear Tote bag/Diaper Bag
Teddy Bear Backpack
Emili wearing a teddy bear backpack

 I made teddy bears to play with…

classic teddy bear toy
heirloom teddy bear toy
Big Toy Teddy Bears
Tiny, ornament sized teddy bears

and teddy bears to wear…

teddy bear sunhat
Let’s see what else I can come up with…