Pomegranate (Rimon)

pomegranate (rimon)

 The pomegranate is found mostly in the Middle Eastern or Mediterranean regions, hot and dry climates. This is a fruit that symbolizes many things, one of which is the holiday of Rosha Shana. The Wikipedia definition of pomegranates is: Jewish tradition teaches that the pomegranate is a symbol of righteousness because it is said to have 613 seeds, which corresponds with the 613 mitzvot, or commandments, of the Torah. For this reason and others, it is customary to eat pomegranates on Rosh Hashanah. Moreover, the pomegranate represents fruitfulness, knowledge, learning, and wisdom.Basically, I think the pomegranate ripens around the time of Rosha Shana and hence we see it used in the holiday festivities. I’d never seen this fruit before I came to Israel; but a tasty and crunchy fruit it is. Inside the pomegranate are many, many crunchy, tart but sweet tasting red seeds and this is the part that you eat. The seeds are eaten by themselves (snack) or put into salads. These needle felted pomegranates are a part of my needle felted fruit and vegetable series.

pomegranate interior

Tel Aviv T-Market=Hip

Tel Aviv T-Market Poster

There are a lot of artistic outlets in Tel Aviv, some are more hip than others. The T-Market is one of the more hip places for the “all ages adult” crowd.

all kinds of t-shirts; this one says: I'm laughing on the inside.

Those who are into retro designs and fashion that you can’t find anywhere else will love the T-Market, supporting local artists allows you to wear art, make a statement and let others know a little bit what you’re about. The atmosphere at this market is much like that of a club; there’s a live d.j., a bar and lots of cool people. In Tel Aviv, a place that is always in some mode of warm, t-shirts are very popular. Tricot (the fabric used to make t-shirts) is being used in unique designs and innovative styles; these garments make for a very comfortable, easy to wear, fashionable wardrobe.  It seems to me that t-shirts are fashionable world-wide these days, not so much of a sports garment like they used to be.

Beautiful, Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv; Tel Aviv is known for it's Bauhaus architecture.

At the T-Market, you can find just the right t-shirt to express your personality or issues that may define you.

T-shirt in Arabic

not sure what the Arabic says…

Not tested on animals

There are plenty of other things that a hip person might want at the T-Market like retro hats…

retro, Brat-pack style hats

Plastic shoes…

Dorthy-red, plastic shoes

The ever so popular, phone covers.

phone covers

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The definition of someone who is cool or hip (according to my 14 year old daughter who has her finger on the pulse of cool) is:

  • someone who uses the word hip  is never cool (sigh)
  • someone who doesn’t care if their style is different than everyone else’s
  • someone who is likeable
  • someone who is inspirational

For those of you in or around Tel Aviv who may want to visit the T-Market, it is held every Rosha Shana and Passover in the Barzilai compound, off Ha Mazger Street in Tel Aviv.

A Good and Sweet New Year

Baked Apples

Today is Rosha Shana (New Year), a major Jewish Holiday. The things that I wish for on the Jewish New Year are the same things that I wish for on every holiday, my birthday and in quiet reflective moments.

Elli helps set the table for Rosha Shana dinner.

Health, happiness and prosperity…

Gifilte fish and horse radish.

the strength to always do the right thing…

the possibility that people will figure out how to live together peacefully and to be kind to one another…

and the possibility for miracles.

Yurt Sweet Yurt


Because of my interest in felting, I was doing some research on the topic of wool and it’s many uses and this was the first time I had read anything about a yurt.  The Wikipedia definition is as follows: A yurt is a portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.  A yurt is more home-like than a tent in shape and build, with thicker walls. They are popular amongst nomads. In Europe and America, different groups and individuals use yurts for a variety of purposes, from full-time housing to school rooms. In some provincial parks in Canada, and state parks in several US states, permanent yurts are available for camping. Continuing with my wool research, I found this video on You-Tube about Mongoalian felt making (using goat’s wool to make the felt for a yurt), which I found interesting: Mongolian Feltmaking.

The yurt in the back yard.

We were visiting our friends, Bella and Yossi last weekend and imagine my delight when a found a yurt in their back yard. They ordered their yurt from a Mongolian yurt importer, with colors to their specifications (the Indian OM sign on the outside panels was also their request, as this would not be the norm for a Mongolian yurt). I walked into the yurt, expecting something rather rustic and was very surprised to find a quaint, modern- looking bedroom. There were hardwood floors, several pieces of furniture and lots of space. The screened-in hole in the ceiling lets in most of the light and helps with the airflow. There is a big front door and two small windows on the side with panes of glass. The door handle was my favorite part of the yurt, the metal handles were shaped into an ox on the outside and a lizard-horse? on the outside. The walls were layered, behind the inside wooden lattice structure was painted canvas, then a layer of insulation and wool and the outter layer was a water-proof canvas.

The yurt bedroom.

A traditional nomadic family would build a fire in the middle of the structure and the smoke would exit through the hole in the roof. Being inside the yurt felt like being in a play house to me.

ceiling hole

It looked like fun, but why would someone go to all the trouble to import this yurt and assemble it themselves in the backyard of their lovely home (where they already have a nice bedroom)? I asked Bella “why” and she gave me this very poetic answer:

In a beautiful rainforest, close to Byron Bay, Australia, a beautiful wooden yurt was our home for many years

Living in our yurt was one of the happiest times of my life!

Living in a small space is very tribal, doing everything in the yurt, sleeping waking, cooking, eating and playing

Living in a yurt is being closer 2 nature, it’s so beautifully dark @ night looking @ the sky & the stars (& occasionally the moon) through the open top,  feeling the fresh night air,  hearing the sounds of nature outside, insects & birds & animals

Living in a round space is beautiful,  i love the way the energy flows,  it’s great having no walls, easy to heat in winter, cool in summer, such joy in living simply

Living in an organized manner as there is not much storage, hoarding is not encouraged, it’s also mostly a very affordable way 2 live, much less expensive than a regular home

After her answer, I’m wondering why more of us don’t have a yurt; it sounds like a mini-vacation in the backyard!

Cow handle

Needle felted Automobiles

Ford, Chrysler, Buick

I was teaching a felting class last spring and one of the women in the class mentioned how hard it is to find cute things for boys, but how plentiful cute girl things are. She gave me the idea to needle felt some toys that little boys would like, what a good idea! I’ve seen many felted animals, balls and figures, but never have I seen a needle felted vehicle.

Sunday drive

The hardest part about making these cars was sewing on the wheels; I cut the wheels out of 1″ thick industrial felt. I put fabric glue on the back of each wheel, then I pushed a long doll needle (threaded with embroidery thread) through the very thick felt, through the body of the car and then through the wheel on the other side. I did this 3 or 4 times before I made a shank around each wheel and knotted the thread. 

parking lot

After I made the family cruiser style car, the sports model, dragsters and economy cars, I made an airplane. Do you think your little boy would like to play with a needle felted car or plane?

blue airplane