Witchy-Poo, Needle felting doll tutorial

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This tutorial shows how to make a needle felted witch using a cone as the base shape. Use these dolls as a Halloween center piece or offer Witchy-Poo and friends to your children for creative, spooky fun.

Materials: felting needles, sponge for felting surface
wool: black (body, hat, arms) I prefer felting a course wool like shetland or New Zealand, here I used black merino because that’s what I had; Merino is a wool I like to use for hair. The witch’s hair in this tutorial is felted from a very course New Zealand wool for that wild and crazy look, but the hair of the witch in the back is grey merino.
peach (face, hands)
purple (decorative band on hat)
 grey (hair)
 red (mouth)
core wool or fiber-fill (base shape)
thread (for wrapping core wool or fiber fill to make base shape)
black felt (hat brim)


Note: After felting small piece (eyes, nose, chin) roll them between your fingers or hands to smooth them, then felt them onto the doll. 


1. Wrap several handfuls of core wool or poly fiber-fill (depending on the witch size you want ) with thread to form the base shape (cone) of the doll. 


2. Base shape: wrap the cone with black wool, felt till firm. Use a large felting tool (4 to 8 needles.) 


3. Nose, chin, face: roll a small peace of wool into an oval (felt till firm) for the nose and chin. Felt a small flat circle for the face. 


4. Felt the face (circle) onto the cone. 


5.  Felt the nose and chin onto the face using 1 medium needle. Roll the tip of the nose between your fingers to make the end pointier. 


6. Side view of face. 


7. Hair: Felt grey wool around the head area. Felt tiny balls (eyes) onto the face and a red smile (optional). 

8. Hat Brim: cut a circle out of black felt (3″/8cm”). Cut an X in the middle of the circle and slide it onto the pointy end of the cone (hat) till the face. Felt the brim onto the cone around the base, wrap a decorative piece of purple wool around the base of the hat. 


9. Witch face (nose, chin, eyes, mouth), hair, hat brim. 


10. Arms/hands: tear off a piece of black wool (2.75″/7cm long). Fold it in half vertically, felt till firm. Keep folding and felting till the wool looks like an arm. Wrap a small piece of peach wool on one end, felt till firm. Do this for both arms. Felt each arm onto the cone where the witch’s shoulders should be.

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  1. Hey laura

    How r u?

    I realy like your website,

    I wanted to call you, would love to continue my felting lessons
    so, tell me when it’s possible

    waiting to hear from you


  2. Hey Michal!! I’m so glad you like my website and so glad you want to continue lessons! How’s that Medusa head going? I’ve been trying to organize my basement, full of boxes from the store, it’s a never ending task. But I do have my table set up now so if you want to come in the mornings again, Monday-Thursday is wide open. Please send me your phone number (so I don’t have to dig through a box to find it!)

  3. Hey

    medusa’s head is in a much better condition…

    I thougt I should do some progress befor calling you again, so I glazed her eyes and made a bunch of snakes, but still not done, waiting for some of your great advise…
    monday sounds great.is 9 o.k?


  4. Hi Michal,
    Monday at 9:00 is good for me. My address in Neve Tzedek in Alroi 14, from the beach (hotels), go up Pines, turn left onto Alroi, it’s the big organge house. My home number is 516-3913, in case I don’t hear my cell. Looking forward to seeing you.

  5. Thanks Gunilla,
    I’m glad you liked the tutorial, I’ll be adding more. I needle felt a lot, so this technique saves me time. Thanks for your comment!


  6. Wonderfully wicked witches! Just found this on your web site and will try to make these myself. Great way to start figures. Janis

  7. I love these darlings!
    I am having a hard time finding flesh colored wool somI am going to try using green! Wish me luck, and thanks for the great tutorial.

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