Sandwich or Needle felted Hanukkah Dreidel?


Hanukkah dreidels are usually made from clay, wood, plastic or metal; I decided to see how one would work made from wool.


The needle felted sandwich dreidel is made up of many parts (tomato, lettuce, cheese, olive and 2 pieces of bread) balanced on top of each other and sewn together.

tomato, lettuce, cheese, bread (needle felted and felt)

The edges of the bread and tomatoes are covered with a strip with felt and sewn to the needle felted shape. The soft fluffy wool of the bread makes the slices feel and look real!

needle felted bread detail

A  low, flat shape shape spins the best (apple slice, sandwich, sufganiyot, egg). I cut a hole in the middle of these shapes and glued a piece of chop stick through the center for spinning.

Hanukkah apple slice dreidel (with real apple seeds), fried egg dreidel, jelly doughnut dreidel and sandwich dreidel

Now I’m hungry!

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  1. Hi, do you sell your sandwich that is listed above? I work at the library and I am making storytime kits and thought this would go great with my picnic storytime.
    Please send me an email at with prices.
    You do wonderful work.

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