Valentine’s day necklace Tutorial

needle felted heart necklace
Needle felted heart necklace for Valentine's day

Emili is modeling a needle felted heart necklace, trimmed in cotton lace. This needle felted heart is fast and easy to make, it makes a great activity to do with your children. You can sew beads and sequins to the heart or embroider designs on the front; I’ve opted to keep this one simple, red and white.

red needle felted heart in hands
Red hearts say 'Love' for Valentine's day.

 Together, my girls and I made needle felted heart necklaces as gifts for their grandmother, friends and teachers. The simplicity of this project made it a fun activity and the girls were happy to have made a unique and personal gift for their classmates.

Materials for needle felted heart necklace

Red wool
poly fiberfill or core wool
sewing thread
sewing needle
red organza ribbon
felting needles
felting needle handles

Poly fiberfill bound with sewing thread.

1. With sewing thread, bind the poly fiberfill or core wool into the shape of a heart.

red heart
Wool covered, needle felted heart.

2. Cover the heart shape with red wool, needle felt till smooth and firm.

red heart
Prepare the heart for adding the trim.
slit for lace
The slit in the heart for applying the lace.

3. Cut a 1/2″ slit around the entire heart.

lace trim
Gather lace to put around the needle felted heart.

4. With a needle and thread, gather lace. Make sure the gathered lace is long enough to go around the entire heart.

Push the lace into the slit around the heart.

5. With one large felting needle, push the lace into the slit around the heart.

finishe the heart
Secure the lace.

6. To secure the lace into the heart, sew small stitches around the heart. Make sure to sew through the front layer of the needle felted heart, the lace and the back layer of the heart so the lace stays in place.

7. Depending on the age (size) of your child, cut a piece of organza ribbon, sew to the needle felted heart. (I used 40″ of ribbon for Emili’s necklace).

finished necklace
Emili wearing the finished needle felted heart necklace.

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  1. Thanks for this great idea. I’m gonna make something similar to this for my daughter too. I can’t wait. I’m sure she will love a necklace like that.

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