Chasing Love

Valentine's day
Will she find love?

 I found this graffiti on a wall in Tel Aviv and I just love it. It makes me ponder love, love’s imperfections, how we chase after love, how love comes into and leaves our lives and how love changes us. 

My most enduring memories of Valentine’s Day are from my childhood; I remember the red and white heart doilies used as decorations and the boxes of children’s Valentine cards that my mother bought for me at the grocery store. I gave a Valentine’s Day card to each child in my class. It was thrilling to receive Valentines from my classmates, especially the ones that included little candy hearts with messages! Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Chasing Love”

  1. Hi! Would you mind if I use this photo as my cd cover for the demo I am making, or as my youtube photo?

    Nice blog!


  2. HI Kyle,
    I don’t mind if you use the image from my blog, but the image is not really mine. It’s graphitti in my neighborhood in Tel Aviv; there is a name DEDE on the bottom. If I were you, I’d try to google” graphiti aritsts in Tel Aviv” to see if you can find the artist, ask for his/her permission or at least credit them with the graphiti. Good luck with your album!

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