Valentine Wreath Tutorial

door wreath
Valentine wreath

This is a very beautiful project and an easy needle felting tutorial! Letting someone know that they are loved and appreciated can make their day and spread good cheer! Make them big or  make them small; heart wreaths make wonderful presents for loved ones, friends, teachers and neighbors!  

red wool (coarse wool-Shetland or New Zealand)
polyfiber-fill or core wool (for the base shape)
felting needles
felting needle holders
sponge (work surface)
red sewing thread
doll needle (extra long)

step 1 heart wreath
Step 1

 1. With sewing thread, bind polyfiber-fill or core wool into a long tube 40″ long x 8″ diameter.  

Valentine wreath
Step 2

 2. Cover tube with red wool, needle felt till smooth and firm. Use a needle holder with multiple needles to felt the tube more quickly (I used a holder with 20 needles). Make sure the diameter of the tube is the same all over. 

valentine wreath
Step 3A

 3 A. With sewing thread, sew the ends of the tube together to make a circle.  

valentine wreath
Step 3B

 3B. Needle felted circle.  

valentine wreath
Step 4

 4. Bend the area of the circle where the two ends are sewn together to make the pointy bottom of the heart. Cover the pointed area with more red wool and felt till smooth.  

shaping the wreath
Step 5

 5. With sewing thread, bind two ovals and sew them to the top of the pointed circle.  Be sure to blend the ovals with the tube; make sure the areas under the ovals (see arrows) are filled with polyfiber-fill or wool so the edges of the heart will be smooth and even. 

shaping the circle into a heart
Step 6

 6. Cover the the two ovals with red wool, needle felt till smooth and firm.  

shape the top of the heart wreath
Step 7

 7. Cut an arch out of each oval to further shape the circle into a heart shape.  

sculpt the circle into a heart
Step 8

 8. Cover the arches with red wool, needle felt till firm and smooth. Continue to sculpt the heart, use a tool with 3 or 4 medium needles when shaping the narrow area between the two ovals on the top of the heart. Shape the heart with your hands as you work, pull the top (ovals) apart, felt. Push the pointed bottom area together, felt.  

heart shape
Step 9

 9. After the heart has been needle felted into a symetrical shape, wrap flowers, baby’s breath or flowering vines around the heart. Secure the flowers onto the heart by wrapping  them with red sewing thread. Voila!  

Valentine's Day wreath
Lili and the Valentine's day wreath