Kitty Foreman, our new friend

Our new friend.

We did something that I thought we’d never do, we adopted a cat; but we’re dog people, so how did this happen you might ask. The girls named the little cat Kitty Foreman after the mother of That 70’s Show, which we really love to watch. I had my dog Quill (a chow chow) for 19 years and I never had a desire for a cat, Quill would never have allowed it! The cat guy across the street has umpteen cats-dirty street cats with no eyes, tongues hanging out and mean looks on their faces. Kitty Foreman (about 6 months old) showed up one day and the street cats started to beat up on her and we started to defend her. She’s like a dog, which is why I think we like her so much. In the beginning she would hang out around our front door, we’d pet her, she’d come running when we went outside and we started to secretly give her small amounts of food because my husband ranted, “if you feed her, she’s going to stay-so don’t feed her!!!!” My husband was adamant that “WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE A CAT”! Then I caught him sneaking a bowl of water outside for her one night before bed, I gave him a “what do you think you’re doing-we are not going to have a cat look”. He shrugged his shoulders with a sly look on his face and the rest if history as they say!