Needle Felting FairytalesTutorial

needle felting
The needle felting frog/princes is looking for his princess.

How many frogs have you kissed looking for your prince? Well let’s not go into that now, but this little felted frog is really a prince that has been enchanted by a spiteful fairy. He is doomed to be a slimy, green amphibian till a princess gives him a big smooch. Will he find his princess, will they live happily ever after? Follow this tutorial to make your own needle felted frog/prince:

Needle felting fairytales
The Frog and the Princess
The Frog and the Princess
Breaking the Spell!The Frog and the Princess
needle felting fairytales
Waiting for love

Needle felted frog tutorial:
Wool: dark green, light green, light brown, dark brown, cream
Felting needles
Sponge (felting surface)
2 doll eyes
Green embroidery thread (to sew appendages together)
Doll needle (to sew appendages together)
Fabric glue (if you choose to glue doll eyes into eye sockets)
Core wool or acrilon (to form base shapes)
Sewing thread (to wrap around core wool/base shapes)
Yellow Felt (for crown)
Pipe cleaners (frog fingers)

 Base shapes:
4 long ovals for the arms (2 per arm): 3.5″ long x 4″ dia. (the ends are tapered)
4 long ovals for the legs (2 per leg): 4″ long x 4.5″ dia. (the ends are tapered)
pear shaped body: 3.5″ across the head and 6″ across the body x 9″ long
2 eye spheres: 4″ diameter
feet: 3.5″ long x 3″ wide
hands: 2.5″ wide x 3″ long

  1. BASE SHAPES: Form the base shapes of the frog by wrapping sewing thread around core wool. Shape 2 long ovals for each leg and arm. The body shape is pear-like and 2 small spheres for the eyes.

    base shapes
    step 1
  2. Needle felt cream wool over all the shapes except the eyes.

    step 2
    step 2
  3. Needle felt light brown wool on one side of all the shapes, the eye spheres should be all brown.

    needle felted frog
    Step 3
  4. FEET: Layout a few tufts of wool in the shape of the frog’s feet. Needle felt each shape till flat, felting one side of the foot, turn it over and felt the other side of the foot and continue till the feet shapes are flat and firm (add more wool if needed). Draw the webbed toes with chalk and cut out. Felt the toes till the edges are smooth.

    frog feet
    Step 4
  5. HANDS: Needle felt a ball as the base of the hands. Cut 4 slits into the ball and insert pieces of a pipe cleaner (1.5″ long) as fingers. Wrap light brown wool around the pipe cleaners and needle felt the wool at the sides and around the pipe cleaners and onto the hand.
    needle felting
    Step 5A

    needle felting fairytales
    Step 5B
  6. Sew the arms and legs together and to the body with embroidery thread and a long doll needle.

    needle felting fairytales
    Step 6
  7. ADDING HANDS AND FEET: Wrap the feet around the bottom of the leg and sew it on with the embroidery thread. Wrap a tuft of wool around the frog’s ankle and foot and felt it so the seam can no longer be seen. Next, sew the finished hands onto the ends of the arms.  

    Step 7A
  8. Felt small balls (warts) onto the back of the frog and sew the eye spheres onto the head.

    Step 8
  9. Needle felt the brown undercoat (top side) of the frog with green wool. I first made all the shapes brown in case colored showed through the green, the brown undercoat adds depth to the color of the frog.

    needle felting fairytales
    Step 9
  10. Cover/felt the warts with dark brown wool, add additional small tufts of light green wool on the back of the frog.
    needle felting fairytales
    Step 10A


    needle felting fairytales
    Step 10B
  11. SCULPTING THE HEAD: Wrap tufts of green wool around the eyes to blend them into the head. (You don’t want the head to look like there are two ball sitting on the top of it.) Keep adding green wool till you have blended the eye spheres into the head shape. Felt the nose of the frog flat and to a point. Where the top green part meets the underside of cream, add “lines” of wool to form lips and make a separation/indentation between the lips with a large gauged felting needle.

    needle felting fairytales
    Step 11
  12. BELLY: needle felt dark brown wool spots on the belly of the frog. Cover the spots with a thin layer of cream wool and needle felt firmly over the brown spots. Applying a thin layer of cream wool over the spots makes them a lighter color and more realistic.
    needle felting fairytales
    Step 12A


    needle felting fairytales
    Step 12B
  13. EYES: Cut a slit in the center of the eye spheres to insert eyeballs. (As a different eye technique, you can opt to needle felt the eyeballs with wool onto the eye spheres, but this should be done last, after the frog is completely fished.) I tried a couple different types of doll eyes to see which one I liked best. I chose the blue blinking eyes because the frog is really a prince.

    needle felting fairytales
    Step 13
  14. Put fabric glue into the eye slits and insert the doll eyes. Important! Make sure both eyes are looking in the same direction. Felt green wool around the eyes to fill in the gaps and add upper and lower eye ridges around the eyes.

    needle felting fairytales
    Step 14
  15. CROWN: if your frog is really a prince (as mine is) you can cut a crown for him. frog’s crown


needle felting fairytales
The prince has found love

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  1. I loved the frog! Will try to make to my mom, a frog lover, thank you for sharing. hugs

  2. You’re very welcome! Good luck with it and feel free to e-mail me with any questions:)

  3. Wow, what an amazing frog. Thank you for the tutorial. I am brand new to needle felting, so I to save this project until I get better at the craft.

  4. Hi! I’m glad you like the frog; it is an intermediate project, but it’s really not hard at all. Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have when you get around to needle felting the frog. There are several other tutorials on my site that may teach you a few basic technique, for example the cat and dog tutorial if you feel like giving it a try!

  5. Hi!
    This frog is amazing! I’m making it myself, but I can’t find a place to buy the eyes – can you tell me where you bought the ones you used?
    You are really talented, I’m so impressed!

  6. Ohhhh! Now I’m finally about to be finished with this incredible frog!!!
    Can I e-mail you a picture or something?
    It would mean a lot to me to her your opinion! 🙂
    Thank you for your amazing tutorials! They always makes me smile 🙂

    xx Caroline

  7. Hi Caroline,

    Absolutely, send me a photo! I’d love to see your finished frog and please let me know if there was any area of the tutorial you found unclear and if you have any suggestions about the tutorial. I’m thinking of doing another animal tutorial like this, what do you think about a monkey?!

  8. Oh, a monkey would be so cute!!!
    I would also love to see how you make you beautiful dolls – well, the big once. And your teddybears. 🙂
    I love love love you tutorials! 😀
    I’m hoping to finish the frog this evening! 😀


  9. Hi! I’m finally starting your frog….its going well! Thank you for all the pictures, they really help. I’m now wondering, how long does it take you to complete a project like this? Thank you again! I’m looking at needlefelting with a new perspective now!

  10. Hi Kim!
    Good luck on the frog, he’s easy, just takes patience! How long does it take is a good question; I do these pieces in stages because they take so long. I’d estimate that the whole frog takes around 4 or 5 hours and I’d say that I’m pretty fast. I’d love to see a photo of him when you finish:)


  11. I will email you a photo…I’d have to say my proportions are a bit off…but I’m pretty sure my son will love it anyways! I’m now working on the face and because I’ve never made something like this before I think it will take me a while. That’s ok, I don’t mind…I love a project to do in the evenings. My least favorite part of crafting is getting everything ready. 🙂 I find myself referring back to your photos often! I am wondering about the “joints” – do you needle felt over the sewn areas? Thanks!!!!

  12. Hi Kim,
    I think it took me over an hour just to do the head, but the head is my favorite part! I didn’t put wool over the frog’s joints because a real frog almost really looks like this. I did another doll in this style (a monkey) and I did felt over his joints because I thought it looked better. Not felting over the joints makes them more bendable. I’m sure your son will love your frog also:)


  13. I love your work!!! I’ve been felting small animals for sometime and have always wanted to know how to create large sculptures! The frog is superb!!! I want to make him…now:)Thank you for your great tutorials! ALL of them are wonderful and easy to follow. Love it!

  14. Dear Yvonne,
    I’m SO happy that you like the tutorials and that you find them easy to follow! Please e-mail me with any questions you may have:)

  15. Your frog looks great to me! The only difference I notice is that yours is a bit fuzzier than mine.

  16. Hi, Laura
    Yes, mine is a bit fuzzy, I need more practice and patience. But one day get there.

  17. Wow! Needle felting still seems a mystery to me, but I want to try it out to make this adorable frog! He would be a perfect addition in the classroom! =] Thanks for the free tutorial!

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