Hat Head

1960’s Doo

Imagine looking chic outside in the cold, even in a hat!

The girl who’s always on her A-game wears a 1960’s needle felted/embroidered hat!

Straight out of Mad Men, the 1960’s Doo keeps you warm because its lined in fluffy fleece and keeps you looking gorgeous inside and outside this winter!

The 1960’s Doo is needle felted from wool, the details are embroidered and beaded onto the wool hat.

1960’s Doo detail

Wear a piece of art!

Its cold outside, but my Doo will keep me toasty warm!

This needle felted hat took so long to make I lost track of the hours! The hair shape was felted and then hours and hours of embroidery started. I used varying colors of yellow and ochre to give the “hair” depth. The fancy headband was also embroidered and beaded. The interior is lined with fleece so that the hat is actually usable in cold weather!

Tel Aviv T-Market=Hip

Tel Aviv T-Market Poster

There are a lot of artistic outlets in Tel Aviv, some are more hip than others. The T-Market is one of the more hip places for the “all ages adult” crowd.

all kinds of t-shirts; this one says: I'm laughing on the inside.

Those who are into retro designs and fashion that you can’t find anywhere else will love the T-Market, supporting local artists allows you to wear art, make a statement and let others know a little bit what you’re about. The atmosphere at this market is much like that of a club; there’s a live d.j., a bar and lots of cool people. In Tel Aviv, a place that is always in some mode of warm, t-shirts are very popular. Tricot (the fabric used to make t-shirts) is being used in unique designs and innovative styles; these garments make for a very comfortable, easy to wear, fashionable wardrobe.  It seems to me that t-shirts are fashionable world-wide these days, not so much of a sports garment like they used to be.

Beautiful, Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv; Tel Aviv is known for it's Bauhaus architecture.

At the T-Market, you can find just the right t-shirt to express your personality or issues that may define you.

T-shirt in Arabic

not sure what the Arabic says…

Not tested on animals

There are plenty of other things that a hip person might want at the T-Market like retro hats…

retro, Brat-pack style hats

Plastic shoes…

Dorthy-red, plastic shoes

The ever so popular, phone covers.

phone covers

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The definition of someone who is cool or hip (according to my 14 year old daughter who has her finger on the pulse of cool) is:

  • someone who uses the word hip  is never cool (sigh)
  • someone who doesn’t care if their style is different than everyone else’s
  • someone who is likeable
  • someone who is inspirational

For those of you in or around Tel Aviv who may want to visit the T-Market, it is held every Rosha Shana and Passover in the Barzilai compound, off Ha Mazger Street in Tel Aviv.

Mad Hatter Teacup Hat

Emili in teacup hat

The teacup hat is more for me than for the kids. All that a teacup represents, socialing with friends, domesticity, acceptable behavior or not being accepted (as Alice wasn’t in the tea party scene, in Alice in wonderland) are dashed by wearing this hat. Like wearing a lampshade on your head, wearing my teacup on your head says to me “#!*!” to all that is expected of you. Are you brave enough not to wear the latest fashion? to look silly? to call attention to yourself? This hat says “fun” to me and don’t we all need a little fun? I added a base and handle to the hat, I added bias tape around the edges to imitate gold leaf trim found on fancy teacups and I appliqued some fruit that I cut out of an antique piece of cloth. Voila-teacup!

Mad Hatter-Kitty Hats

Kids love cats! A cat is always a good topic when you’re creating something. Kids prefer the cat costumes and hats out of all of the animals in my store. I love it when moms come in and tell me that they need a second cat costume because their child sleeps in theirs and they need a spare so they can wash the other one without causing a scene. Helen is wearing a white kitty hat, but I think if it was grey, black or orange (minus the puff of maribou on top) boys would wear it too.

Emili, Helen and Diana

Emili, Helen and Diana are school buddies, 8 years old. My animal summer hats are still appropriate for this age group and up to around 11 years old, depending on your child.

animal summer hats: rabbit, cat, bird
cat summer hat

Mad Hatter Flower hats

 This flower hat is the picture of summer!

Emili and Elli in summer flower hats

Look it’s a Summer bouquet! Sometimes a hat is more than something to keep the sun out of your face; it’s a statement. Hats don’t denote social status anymore, but they do convey a sense of fashion. A flower on your heads is definely a fashion accessory that says “look at me”. The old saying: “if you want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat” applies in this case.  I gave my niece Piper a flower hat a few summers ago and I have never been stopped by so many people or heard so many comments as when she wore that hat around town (Bloomington, Indiana). Today’s utilitarian hat wearing traditions are much more ho-hum than those of by-gone days, but I believe this flower hat falls into the category of  a hat for “an occation”. What is the occation to wear such a hat? A beautiful, sunny day!

Yellow Flower hat