Needle felted Barnyard Puppets-Peanut Gallery Critique

needle felted puppets
Barnyard puppets

I started needle felting puppets again, I haven’t made any in about a year. I used to make a lot of puppets and the girls and I would play with them together. I used the puppets to help tell bedtime stories and I would put up my doorway puppet theater and the girls would put on puppet shows for me. My girls are a little old for that sort of puppet play now, but we still use them to help teach English to our little students. I think the puppets prolong the attention span of the kids and help them to be more interested in what I’m saying when I’m teaching them English. The puppets also prompt the kids to participate more than usual; they’re really a very helpful teaching tool.

Needle felted cow puppet

Sometimes I finish a puppet and I don’t like it, so I tear off the parts I don’t like and start again. As I was working on one puppet imparticular, one of my girls walked by and said “WHAT…….IS……..THAT????!!!!!” I indignantly answered “it’s a cow“. She went on on to tell me that she really didn’t like the way it was turning out. “OH MY GOD, is it a mutant cow or something?” Did you ever see in the movies when an artist was working on a painting, they would always cover it with a cloth until it was finished and ready to show to the world, there was a reason for that. The problem with working at my kitchen table is that everybody and their brother (my husband and kids that is) see everything I’m working on and they coment on it.

needle felted pig puppet
Needle felted pig puppet face detail

Now I’m not opposed to contructive critism, but  overly truthful, premature comments sometimes rattle me: “that is really ugly“, “that’s scarry” and “whoa!” are not usually helpful. I also get alot of “awwws” (said in a very high pitched voice) from them, so their feedback is not always critical.

needle felted puppet
Needle felted Rooster Puppet

But I will have to say that I took a good, hard look at that scarry, alien cow puppet and I went back and changed it and now I like it better. Thank You peanut gallery!