Purim Season Again

laura lee burch costumes
Emili is "working it" for the camera, she's been my most expressive model.

I wanted to write a blog post about the new costumes I’ve been making, but it’s Purim season and everybody has once again asked me at the last moment for costumes and I haven’t had time to photograph any of them yet.  I’m not sewing the costumes these days because I don’t have a studio space with which to work; I’m needle felting costume accessories because 1) I love to needle felt and 2)needle felting doesn’t take up very much room. I took most of the photos of my costumes and my girls were usually the models. Emili and Elli did most of the modeling because they liked it, Lili was such a diva about modeling for me that she usually only shows up in the early costume photos. So in the spirit of Purim, let’s reminisce over the last five years at my store and the costumes adventures and fun that my girls  and I have had….

laura lee burch
The ever-popular mermaid costumes

We made several types of religious children’s costumes for the Institute of Notre Dame in Jerusalem; Emili was appropriately somber and pious looking for the photo shoot where she modeled the monk costume and then…

costumes for children
(A) The Monk

…she started to dance and I couldn’t stop laughing!

laura burch sews costumes for children
(B) Full of "the spirit"

We had a hard time getting that “Renaissance seriousness” back into her expressions during that photo shoot.

angel costume for children
Happy Angel


Emili the fairy


Halloween and Purim
Pipi Longstocking


purim costumes
The Fish


muskateer costume
Musketeer costume


purim costumes
Beautiful clown


costumes for kids

Many times we recruited the girls’ friends to help model for certain events…

pirates and elves
Elli and Stephan at the Fashion Show


laura lee burch costumes
The girls hurrying to the Costume Fashion Show


friends and costumes
Friends and costumes


purim costumes
My models for the Fashion Show


costumes for kids
Mysterious Vampire