Big Hairy Spider

Big hairy spider, with big teeth! Needle felted tarantula

  My youngest daughter Emili is very expressive and a bit of a ham, so I use her to model my projects a lot. With my needle felted Big Hairy Spider, Emili and I have recreated a replica of the horror film genre of by-gone days, using black and white, grainy photography.     

When Big Hairy Spiders Attack!!!!

  There’s nothing scarier than a black and white horror film, The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock being one of my favorites. There’s a subtle build up of anticipation before those evil birds start to attack, I just don’t think it would be the same in color. Remember the old Bela Lugosi vampire movies in black and white, creeeeeepy!    


  I watched a horror movie several years ago, Cloverfield that was freakin’ scary. The movie was shot Blair Witch Project style, with one of the main characters filming the events on a hand held video camera, the shakiness and grainy look of the film added to the suspense. The movie was about aliens taking over New York/the world; for some morbid reason I love movies where outerspace aliens try to take over the world.    

This is no Little Miss Muffet scene

  Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and whey, along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened Miss. Muffet away.     

I imagine a fairy tale book illustration when I hear the Little Miss. Muffet nursery rhyme, neatly and classicly drawn, in pastel colors. But here, the black and white photography makes you use your imagination more, forcing you to fill in the blanks, making the imagination paint a picture that you didn’t even know was there. (organ music sound effect). I think the spider has just spoken to Emili, whispering something sinister to her, which adds to her bewilderment.     

Run Emili, for the love of Pete, Run!!

  Run Emili, for the love of Pete, run! But alas the victim has accepted her fate. (wheee-wheee-wheee -think Psycho sound effect).   

Needle felted tarantula