Needle felted Automobiles

Ford, Chrysler, Buick

I was teaching a felting class last spring and one of the women in the class mentioned how hard it is to find cute things for boys, but how plentiful cute girl things are. She gave me the idea to needle felt some toys that little boys would like, what a good idea! I’ve seen many felted animals, balls and figures, but never have I seen a needle felted vehicle.

Sunday drive

The hardest part about making these cars was sewing on the wheels; I cut the wheels out of 1″ thick industrial felt. I put fabric glue on the back of each wheel, then I pushed a long doll needle (threaded with embroidery thread) through the very thick felt, through the body of the car and then through the wheel on the other side. I did this 3 or 4 times before I made a shank around each wheel and knotted the thread. 

parking lot

After I made the family cruiser style car, the sports model, dragsters and economy cars, I made an airplane. Do you think your little boy would like to play with a needle felted car or plane?

blue airplane