Needle felted Automobiles

Ford, Chrysler, Buick

I was teaching a felting class last spring and one of the women in the class mentioned how hard it is to find cute things for boys, but how plentiful cute girl things are. She gave me the idea to needle felt some toys that little boys would like, what a good idea! I’ve seen many felted animals, balls and figures, but never have I seen a needle felted vehicle.

Sunday drive

The hardest part about making these cars was sewing on the wheels; I cut the wheels out of 1″ thick industrial felt. I put fabric glue on the back of each wheel, then I pushed a long doll needle (threaded with embroidery thread) through the very thick felt, through the body of the car and then through the wheel on the other side. I did this 3 or 4 times before I made a shank around each wheel and knotted the thread. 

parking lot

After I made the family cruiser style car, the sports model, dragsters and economy cars, I made an airplane. Do you think your little boy would like to play with a needle felted car or plane?

blue airplane

Thank you for flying Burch Airlines

Flying to Chicago

We’re off to Chicago! It’s been two years since we’ve been home and we’re all looking forward to discovering all the new “stuff” there is in America. The girls kept asking me (several weeks before the trip and also as we made our way through the airport), “Mama, are you excited yet?” I kept telling them no, not yet, not until there is a big burrito and a margarita sitting in front of me. You really can’t get Mexican food in Israel and it’s my favorite. We’re staying at the girls’ godparents house in Northbrook, IL  and taking several small trips outside of Illinois. I’ve got my camera out and I’m searching for things to inspire me. We’re always so delighted when we are reminded how friendly and helpful midwesterners are, it’s such a pleasant change from Israel. I’m going to the NIADA doll conference in downtown Chicago tomorrow. I’m pretty excited because I’ve never been to a doll show before and I know that the work of the participants, teachers and  lecturers is of the highest quality. I want to learn something new.

white needle felted airplane

Before I left Israel I finished quite a few pieces. This little airplane was one of the needle felted toys that I made with little boys in mind. Customers of my store and mothers in my felting classes always tell me that it’s much harder to find cute things for boys, so I started to think about toys that I could felt for boys that you don’t often see. One of the things that I came up with was this easy to make, needle felted airplane. For the main photo of this blog post I painted a backdrop of clouds and photographed the airplane against it. Stay tuned for more NIADA doll conference details….