Chasing Love

Valentine's day
Will she find love?

 I found this graffiti on a wall in Tel Aviv and I just love it. It makes me ponder love, love’s imperfections, how we chase after love, how love comes into and leaves our lives and how love changes us. 

My most enduring memories of Valentine’s Day are from my childhood; I remember the red and white heart doilies used as decorations and the boxes of children’s Valentine cards that my mother bought for me at the grocery store. I gave a Valentine’s Day card to each child in my class. It was thrilling to receive Valentines from my classmates, especially the ones that included little candy hearts with messages! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Wreath Tutorial

door wreath
Valentine wreath

This is a very beautiful project and an easy needle felting tutorial! Letting someone know that they are loved and appreciated can make their day and spread good cheer! Make them big or  make them small; heart wreaths make wonderful presents for loved ones, friends, teachers and neighbors!  

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I love…

I love creativity!

Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.  Vincent van Gogh

Since Valentine’s day is fast approaching, I’ve started to think about loves past and present and what they mean to me today. Sometimes, thinking about people, places and experiences that I’ve loved are bittersweet memories for me, memories for which I’m deeply grateful. Being able to experience such an array of love makes me a lucky person.

love, love, love
Window love

Here is a list of the top 20 things that I love (in no particular order):

1. My family
2. Hanging out with my girls
3. Traveling
4. Photography
5. Wine
6. Naps
7. Laughing
8. Animals
9. The smells of freshly mown grass, the sea and coffee
10. Intelligent conversation
11.Going to flea markets
12. Being creative
13. Cherry pie
14. Memories of my childhood
15. My country
16. Crackling fireplaces
17. Watching it snow
18. The sound of children singing
19. The sound of a baby laughing
20. Reading

What do you love?

love birds
Love Birds

Valentine’s day necklace Tutorial

needle felted heart necklace
Needle felted heart necklace for Valentine's day

Emili is modeling a needle felted heart necklace, trimmed in cotton lace. This needle felted heart is fast and easy to make, it makes a great activity to do with your children. You can sew beads and sequins to the heart or embroider designs on the front; I’ve opted to keep this one simple, red and white.

red needle felted heart in hands
Red hearts say 'Love' for Valentine's day.

 Together, my girls and I made needle felted heart necklaces as gifts for their grandmother, friends and teachers. The simplicity of this project made it a fun activity and the girls were happy to have made a unique and personal gift for their classmates. Continue reading “Valentine’s day necklace Tutorial”