Mad Hatter Teacup Hat

Emili in teacup hat

The teacup hat is more for me than for the kids. All that a teacup represents, socialing with friends, domesticity, acceptable behavior or not being accepted (as Alice wasn’t in the tea party scene, in Alice in wonderland) are dashed by wearing this hat. Like wearing a lampshade on your head, wearing my teacup on your head says to me “#!*!” to all that is expected of you. Are you brave enough not to wear the latest fashion? to look silly? to call attention to yourself? This hat says “fun” to me and don’t we all need a little fun? I added a base and handle to the hat, I added bias tape around the edges to imitate gold leaf trim found on fancy teacups and I appliqued some fruit that I cut out of an antique piece of cloth. Voila-teacup!

4 thoughts on “Mad Hatter Teacup Hat”

  1. Hello! I’ve stumbled onto this just today in search of a good teacup hat for an Alice in Wonderland group I’ll be part of — we figured the Dormouse would be much more easily recognized if he was in a teacup, so he’s not just this big grey mouse tagging along with the rest of us.

    Just curious as to details: you used a bell-shaped hat as a base, right? Bought from some store?

    Was it pure-white or did it have the fisherman hat holes in it, and did you cover it with extra fabric?

    What’s in the handle, and how did you attach the base of the teacup to the top of the hat?

    And finally how long did it take you to make, about?

    Sorry if this is a bother, but thank you for your time.

  2. Hi!
    1. I made the bell-shaped base hat (I purchased one would also work fine).
    2. The base hat, base and handle are white, the flower is an applique that I cut out of an antique dishtowel.
    3. The handle is stuffed with poly fiber-fill stuffing.
    4. The base is sewn to the bottom of the cup by hand or by machine (only if you’ve make the base hat).
    5. It took me about an hour to make one hat.

    Good luck!

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