Happy Birthday to Me!

On the way to the flea market

 Today is my birthday! I started celebrating my birthday the night before by taking Elli and a friend to see the new Stephanie Myer film: Eclipse. I am a “Twi-mom”, I like the vampire and werewolf saga as much as the next teenager! My friend Rachel sent a pizza over to my house  that evening (food:one of my favorite gifts!) and my birthday was off to a great start!

old chairs at the flea market

 I spent the day of my birthday doing one of my favorite things, going to the flea market. The girls and I walked to Jaffa to hunt for hidden treasure among the piles of “stuff” at shuk ha pish pishim. I look for things that I can turn into something else or use pieces of it for one of my projects. Sometimes I find great antique linens from which I can use the lace and embroidery in my sewing projects. We had lunch in a restaurant called Pua, it’s decorated with everything the owner finds in the flea market, including the plates, cups etc.; it’s sort of the TGI Friday’s of Israel!  Pua’s has a real “homey” feel to it.

drinking from 1970's bright orange cups

My favorite shop is stuffed with old things, tools, maps, boat steering wheels, WWII helmets…..I bought some more of the blinking doll eyes that I use for making dolls.  

my favorite junk shop
this shop is like a cave
old art shops are good places to find frames
a little living room like sitting area outside a shop
on the way to the train station

 After we left the flea market we wondered over to the renovated train station (it used to be an old army base), my favorite shop is the big bookstore full of art books and magazines….in English!!!!! Doron took me to dinner at my favorite neighborhood restaurant, Nana. When we got home, Lili made me an apple pie (because I told her that my grandma Burch used to make me pies for my birthday). The girls decorated the dining room and wrote Mama in balloons on the wall! An excellent birthday!