Needle Felted Gnome Ornaments Tutorial

Needle felted gnome ornaments

  This tutorial shows how to make these simple gnomes for imaginative play or to use as holiday ornaments. With a little variation, you can make Santa Clauses as well!  


Materials: felting needles, sponge for felting surface
wool: peach (face)
red (hat)
brown (pants) 
white (hair)
 blue (shirt)
black (eyes) optional for Waldorf style
core wool or fiber-fill (base shape)
sewing thread (for wrapping core wool or fiber fill to make base shape)
red embroidery thread (for hanging)
embroidery needle

 Note: After felting small piece (eyes, nose, tip of hat) roll them between your fingers or hands to smooth them, then felt them onto the doll.    


1. Wrap a handful of wool (using one of the base colors: brown, blue, white or red) or poly fiber-fill with thread to form the base shape (cone) of the doll.    


2. Base shape: wrap the base with brown wool (over the thread bound base), felt till firm.   


3. Add strips of wool in the other three base colors: blue, white and red. Felt till firm.   


4. Wrap more red wool onto the red end of the base shape. Felt till firm and pointy.   


Four colored, felted base.   


5. Felt on a small circle of peach wool for the face. Place the circle between the white and red layers of color.   


Placement for the face.  


6. Felt a small piece of white wool on the botton of the face for the beard.   


7. Roll the shape between your palms to smooth it.   


8. Roll a small piece of peach wool for the nose, felt till firm.   




9. Place the rolled wool onto the face, use a medium felting needle to felt down. (Optional for true Waldorf style)   


10. Felt on tiny peach circles for ears and tiny black dots for eyes. (Optional for true Waldorf style).   



11. Felt curly white wool onto the strip of white around the head and bead. Make sure to felt white wool (curly or not) between the face and the ears.

Ready, Set, PLAY!


12. For hanging ornaments, sew red embroidery thread through the ends of the hats, tie making a circle.

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  1. The gnomes are great. It just made my day to open this link and find the tutorial for these cute little fellas! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks! I’m glad you like the gnomes. They’re so easy to make and I think a little addicting! Have fun, Happy Holidays!

  3. These are the sweetest little guys…oh, I love them so much! Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial and happy holidays!

  4. I’ve never worked with wool in this way! I’m going to look for a class! What fun! Thanks for your generosity – your tutorial is wonderful! From an Illinois girl – all the best!

  5. Needle felting is a really fun, addicting way to make things! Where in Illinois, we lived in Chicago for 11 years. Happy Holidays! Laura

  6. These are totally awesome! I love how each one is unique. Thanks for the tute. I’ll be linking on Facebook.

  7. Hi Kimara, I’m glad you like the tutorial! See you on Facebook, Happy Holidays! Laura

  8. This is such a fantastic tutorial and really easy to follow – thanks so much! I have made one myself and added it on to my blog – hope you like it!

  9. These gnomes are so cute. You write great tutorials. They are easy to understand – and the techniques are nicely photographed.

  10. Hello! I just found this tutorial and am very anxious to try it! I’m brand new to needle felting so I’m wondering how much wool is needed for one of these so I know how much to purchase. Thanks much!!

  11. Hi! This is a fun, cute and easy tutorial. You can e-mail me if you have any questions about it! Each gnome is about 4-6 oz. The bulk of wool is in the base shape (long oval). I started my gnomes with a brown oval (because a lot of the pants are brown), so you could use about 2 to 2.5 oz. of brown, 1.5 oz. of red, 1/2 oz. of blue and 1/2 oz. and a pinch of black or 2 seed beads for the eyes. If you’re starting to needle felt, you might want to buy a little more wool than this to play around with. Good luck and I’d love to see a photo when your gnomes are finished:)


  12. Lol, so cute! The step-by-step photo description are so much fun since I can slowly see how the gnome is shaping up. Ok, now that is just wonderful! My new flower project for the weekend! Thanks and Happy Holidays 🙂

  13. These are so great! Would you consider selling them? I’m a big fan of unique, handmade tree ornaments. Compliments and thanks.

  14. We are a group of 8, who meet every Wednesday. We started needle felting two weeks ago, and are absolutely delighted to be working from your excellent tutorial. Living in the middle of Rural England it’s fantastic to have the technology to learn from. The gnomes are our favorite, and some of us are making toadstools. Many Thanks

  15. I’m very pleased to find this web site. I want to
    to thank you for your time for this wonderful read!!
    I definitely loved every part of it and I have you saved to fav to look at new things in your website.

  16. From an Irish Felter I want to thank you for this lovely tutorial. Such fun!

  17. Hi Laura,

    I was looking for a pattern for felted gnomes and I found yours to be the best! Where do you get your wool? I would really love to make these for gifts for next Christmas. Thanks, Fran

  18. Hi Fran,
    I buy my wool from Living Felt, New England Felting Supply and a few different shops on etsy. Glad you liked the gnome tutorial!

  19. Great tutorial! Thank you for such thorough directions and corresponding photos!

  20. Thanks for this tutorial. I’ve just become aware of needle felting and am anxious to get started on a project. Your tutorial is clear and easy to follow and gives me confidence to give it a try.

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  22. Thank you so much to share this tutorial and your knowledge ! This is great! I’ve tried and it was not difficult at all! And I like my gnome 🙂 I will do this with my students so you helped me a lot.
    I wish you the best

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