Laura as Marie Antoinette

marie antoinette
Laughing Marie Antoinette

I decided to change my Laura Lee Burch Studio Facebook page photo to something fun, so I donned my Marie Antoinette felt wig and asked my oldest daughter Lili to shoot some photos of me. She must have taken 50 photos of me or more, none of which I thought did Marie nor I justice. I just felt like I had a plastic face (my girls make modeling look so easy-it’s not), then Lili told me she thought I looked like a drag queen in this wig, which made me laugh really hard and voila-I like this picture. My kids say the darnest things to me like, you know mama, if you dyed your hair you wouldn’t look so old and if you put more cream on your face you wouldn’t be so wrinkly! My youngest daughter asked me recently if I voted for Abraham Lincoln and she asked if I had  ever seen a real dinosaur!!! She also once told me that I was a real mother felter, which I wasn’t sure was a compliment or a misguided insult disguised as a compliment.

felt wig
I'm trying not to laugh

Are those train tracks around your eyes? Lili assured me that I didn’t look bad and that I’d be 28 this year on my birthday (since I was 29 last year-I have a Jack Benny/Benjamen Button thing going on). We decided that if the wig was blue, I could pass for Marge Simpson; that gives me an idea for the upcoming Halloween costume! All I need now is a doughnut for Doron and we’re set as Marge and Homer.

Emili wearing a Marie Antoinette wig
Emili wearing a wool Marie Antoinette wig

Marie Antoinette has played a major role in my artwork for the last several years. I made this wool wig for Emili to wear in a fashion show; it was so big she could barely walk in it! The Marie Antoinette dress was the most popular princess costume in my shop.

princess dress
Marie Antoinette princess costume

I think it’s the elegance and excess that appeals to me about Marie, she was something that I’m not. I don’t wear makeup or big puffy dresses. The last time I wore a big,  puffy dress, the girls were little and they crawled up under it and used it as a tent, while I was wearing it! Even my puppets have gotten into the action.

Marie Antoinette puppet
Needle felted Marie Antoinette Puppet and Emili in matching wig and dress.

This Marie Antoinette puppet is one of my favorite pieces; I woman bought her last year after she persuaded me to sell her. I was paid a pretty penny for her, but I had this emotional attachment to her. I felt terrible after I sold this puppet. I said I’d make another one, but I haven’t yet…..I will.

Marie Antoinette puppet
Needle felted/sewn Marie Antoinette puppet

Kitty Foreman, our new friend

Our new friend.

We did something that I thought we’d never do, we adopted a cat; but we’re dog people, so how did this happen you might ask. The girls named the little cat Kitty Foreman after the mother of That 70’s Show, which we really love to watch. I had my dog Quill (a chow chow) for 19 years and I never had a desire for a cat, Quill would never have allowed it! The cat guy across the street has umpteen cats-dirty street cats with no eyes, tongues hanging out and mean looks on their faces. Kitty Foreman (about 6 months old) showed up one day and the street cats started to beat up on her and we started to defend her. She’s like a dog, which is why I think we like her so much. In the beginning she would hang out around our front door, we’d pet her, she’d come running when we went outside and we started to secretly give her small amounts of food because my husband ranted, “if you feed her, she’s going to stay-so don’t feed her!!!!” My husband was adamant that “WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE A CAT”! Then I caught him sneaking a bowl of water outside for her one night before bed, I gave him a “what do you think you’re doing-we are not going to have a cat look”. He shrugged his shoulders with a sly look on his face and the rest if history as they say!

Waldorf Costumes: It’s Not Easy Being A Carrot!

rabbits like carrots
Everybody, especially rabbits, like carrots.

Emili the carrot dosen’t know it yet, but she is being admired by the hungry bunny, carrots and bunnies are of course, natural enemies. As I was needle felting the carrot hat, I had a vision of the carrot being chased by a rabbit, is that wrong?

carrots don't like rabbits
The carrot notices an unwanted admirer.

I think my warped sense of humor took over during this photo shoot of my Waldorf inspired costumes. Elli really got into role of the over enthusiastic rabbit; I love the leering look the rabbit gives the carrot. Of course you don’t have to promote the predatory idea like I did, but it made me laugh. Carrots should be hanging out with their fruit and veggie friends, it’s much more wholesome!

fruity friends
Emili the carrot and her fruity friends, Lili the strawberry and Helen the apple.

Edible Art Project for Kids

children's kitchen art project
Egg and tomato mushroom centerpiece

I‘m always looking for child friendly projects that my girls can make; this one takes place in the kitchen. These cute little mushrooms are made from eggs and tomatoes! It’s an easy thing to make with a little adult supervision, adorable and the kids can eat them when they’re finished. The deviled egg version can be served at dinner parties as a festive appetizer.

Egg and Tomato Mushroom Recipe
4 boiled eggs
4 medium sized tomatoes
mustard (optional)
salt and pepper (optional)
wheat grass or lettuce leaves (optional)

Simple version
1. Boil and peel the eggs, cut off the tip of the widest part so they’ll stand up.
2. Cut off the rounded ends of the tomato and hollow them out.
3. Position the eggs in the wheat grass or a platter and put the tomato halves on top.
4. Dot mayonnaise onto the tomatos with a toothpick.

Deviled egg version
1. Boil and peel the eggs, cut off the tip of the widest part so they’ll stand up-put cooked egg yolks into a bowl.
2. Cut off the rounded ends of the tomato and hollow them out.
3. Mix the cooked egg yolks, 2 Tablespoons of mayo, 2 Tablespoons of mustard, a dash of salt and a dash of pepper together. Fill the eggs with this mixture.
3. Position the eggs in the wheat grass or a platter and put the tomato halves on top.
4. Dot mayonnaise onto the tomatoes with a toothpick.

great kid's project
It's an egg, it's a tomato, it's a mushroom!

Putting small cherry tomato halves on top of a cheese sticks also make tall, skinny edible mushrooms.

egg and tomato mushroom detail
Eggs and tomatoes that look like a mushroom are a simple, healthy kids' snack

I’d like to thank Neroli, the natural food market on Shabazi street in Neve Tzedek for giving me the remains of their wheat grass. I used the square of wheat grass as a prop for my mushrooms, but after the photo shoot, I planted it outside in a big planter. I think the planted wheat grass looks like a mini lawn. If you put the wheat grass square upside down in your garden or planter, it will serve as a great compost for the soil.

By the way, these (real) red spotted mushrooms in the wild can be poisonous to eat, but they are a delight to see.

mushrooms basking in the sun
Edible mushrooms (eggs and tomatoes) on a spring day.