Waldorf Needle Felted and Felt Mushroom Houses

doll houses
Red spotted Mushroom houses

Welcome to the fungi neighborhood! I’ve wanted to make a habitat for awhile now, so I started with the mushroom houses and this is what I’ve come up with. I had some industrial felt sitting around, I decided to use this because I needed a firm material for the base of the house. The industrial felt is so hard you can’t felt into (it is about 1/4″ thick and comes in many thicknesses) but it’s perfect for “building”.

needle felted and felt mushroom house
Needle felted and felt Mushroom house.

I really got into the felt details of the mushroom stem, in this house I’ve added a rabbit, deer and owl into the flower and vine design.

felt owl
An owl in the forest, felt detail
felt details
Deer in the forest, felt detail.

  I had needle felted the tops of the mushrooms earlier as hats, so I reused the hats for the mushroom caps. The houses have 2 floors; you enter the bottom floor by entering the front door and you can access the top floor by lifting off the mushroom cap.

hello neighbor
There are two floors in the mushroom houses.
The upper floor of the mushroom house.

The mushroom houses are the perfect size for my wood-felt-wool dolls!

mushroom houses and wooden dolls
Imaginative play with mushroom houses and wooden-felt-wool dolls.

You can find both of these mushroom houses for sale on my Etsy site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/lauraleeburch

4 thoughts on “Waldorf Needle Felted and Felt Mushroom Houses”

  1. Hi! I love these mushroom houses and your little wooden play friends! I am planning on making something similar for my niece, and am wondering how you attached the designs on the outside of the mushroom, since they don’t look like they were needle felted. Did you glue them on? or needle-felt them on?


  2. Hi Rachel,
    The base of the mushrooms are made with industrial felt and you can’t needle felt into it so I glued the decorations on with fabric glue. Good luck with your mushroom houses!

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