Old fashioned fun at the Tel Aviv Luna Park

luna park
Welcome to the Luna Park!

For Photo Friday, I felt like sharing some good old fashioned fun at the Luna Park…

big fun
A scarry-magical sort of place


roller coaster


Helen screams
Big Fun


lady ride
The Tilt-a-whirl


Helen and Emili ride the tilt-o-whirl at the Luna Park


big roller coaster
DARE TO RIDE the Anaconda!


Flying through the air with the greatest of ease!


old photo
It was an old fashioned, fun day at the Luna Park

Dog Stories-needle felted pets

needle felted basset hound
He ain't nothin' but a hound dog.

I have almost always had a dog in my life. The dogs I had as a kid were “working” dogs. My parents bought them to guard us and the house. They lived outside in dog houses that my dad made; they used to sit on top of the dog house like Snoopy.  My mom used to bring them into the laundry room when the weather got bitter cold or we took them into the basement with us when there was a tornado in the area, otherwise they were outside dogs.

needle felted dachshund
Let's play ball

As an adult, I bought my dog Quill ( a Chow Chow) for companionship. I lived by myself in Chicago and the furry company and extra security he provided were nice to have. I had him for 19 years, he became part of our family. We still talk about the things he used to do that made us laugh! One of my favorite Quill stories is from Chicago. He liked the very cold weather, but when we would walk in the snow, he would stop dead in his tracks and lift up one foot. He wanted the ice cleaned out from between his toes. After we did one foot, he would lift another foot to be cleaned. You couldn’t budge him till all the ice was cleaned out from between his toes! I bought him dog boots, but he hated those.

giant poodle
Needle felted Giant Poodle

We’d like to get another dog, but we’re taking a pet brake right now. The last few years of Quill’s life were hard. We think we might get a Bull Terrier; they’re supposed to be good with kids, loyal companions and good watch dogs.

needle felted dog
Needle felted Bull Terrier

I like to watch those t.v. programs that introduce the people who bring their pets to hospitals and old folks homes to cheer up the people. I know that animals are good for people because they’re easy to love and they give love back and they’re always glad to see you when they get home and they never criticize you. We bought my mother in law a little dog after her husband died recently; she now lives for that dog.

needle felting pets
Needle felted Rottweiler

I used to “read” the Carl book by Alexandra Day to the girls when they were little. Carl books have no words, just adorable illustrations showing the adventures of Carl the Rottweiler and “his baby”. These are some of my favorite children’s books!

wooly sheep dog
Needle felted Old English Sheep Dog

These dog sculputures arent’ toys, they’re art. They take 10-15 hours each to felt. Each dog is around 6.5″ tall x 10″ long\16.5cm tall x 25.4cm long. They’re needle felted from 100% wool and have posable legs. You can buy them in my Laleebu Boutique, here or here.

needle felted art
Needle felted Jack Russel Terrier

Famous dogs: Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Snoopy, Marmaduke, Astro, Benji, Odie, Clifford, Cujo…

Does anyone else have a good dog story?

Being an American Abroad

playground slide
American-steps on a child's playground slide

Photo Friday: A few thoughts about being an American Abroad: Living abroad can give you a new perspective on where you’re from, in my case, The United States of America. When I was a little girl and I said my prayers at night, I used to give God my address at the end of the prayer so he could find me. Friends of mine from South America have pointed out in the past that they too are from America, just in an another hemisphere and everyone from all “Americas” should point out which one so as not to be presumptuous. People here in Israel tell me that I don’t seem American. With great interest and surprise, I ask them “what does an American seem like?” Their answer is “loud”. I didn’t realize this. Some American reality shows, politicians and news stations (Fox) make me embarassed to be an American, foreingers see these things and make assumptions about all of us. Even though you shouldn’t lump all people into one category, many people do and it makes us look bad.  When something happens back home, like recently when the Americans killed Osama Bin Laden, a few Israelis congratulated ME. I told them I really couldn’t take credit for that, but I hope it makes the situation better (but I’m not holding my breath). My father was a soldier in the Korean war and he was very patriotic, he believed that you should not desecrate the flag in any way. I disagreed with him, I believe you should have the right to express yourself even if it means using the flag to do so-and I also believe that Americans should realize that to be able to protest and express yourself freely (normally) without government reprisal are a few of the many rights we have that shouldn’t be taken for granted-the Middle East is a good place to be reminded of this. My daughters have been learning the pledge of Alligence and the American National Anthem and this make me very proud indeed!