Friends-needle felted dogs

needle felted dogs
best friends

I took a photo of these two dogs (the original, real live dogs) in India. They were sleeping at the base of a monument, one was using the other’s rear end as a pillow and they were the most raggedy dogs I’d ever seen…but they looked happy.

doggy friends
Let sleeping dogs lie.

It took me a week to make this sculpture, working on and off between the girls’ end of the school year activities. I find these two dogs sweet, I think the black and white cow patterned dog is much older than the blond dog, maybe she’s the mother. My girls look at the original photo and tell me that “everyone needs a butt for a pillow”, oh silly girls!

sleeping dogs
May I use your butt as a pillow?

As I felted these dogs, I thought about friendship and how a few very good friends are a gift and that the simple things in life are the best.  These dogs brought many nice things to  mind as I felt, felt, felted away.

everyone needs a butt for a pillow
sleeping dogs detail

4 thoughts on “Friends-needle felted dogs”

  1. I love your work! I am a friend of Stom’s. She is here now, she says Hello. I think she needs to come to France and see you. Storm gave me a baby T-shirt years ago. I love it. It is worn out but can not let it go. Brings smiles to my face.

  2. Hi Mary Ann,
    Thanks for checking out my website, it’s been keeping me busy and challenged! Storm told me she was going to see you; aren’t we blessed to have such a friend:) I really hope she finds a plane ticket to Paris so we can paint the town red! I hope you feel better soon.

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