Needle Felted Carrot and Bunnies Tutorial

laura lee burch needle felting
Needle felted carrot bag with bunnies inside

The carrot bag is for carrying childhood treasures, be it smooth stones or secret notes or acorns or candies! I’ve included a tutorial for how to make the carrot bag and the four little bunnies that are inside of it; delight and surprise your children with this whimsical bag/toy:) The basics of this tutorial can be applied to any fruit, vegatable or other item of your choosing.

laura lee burch toys
The carrot bag is for girls and boys


Waldorf inspired bag/toy
Needle felted bunnies live inside the bag


Carrot Bag and Bunnies Tutorial

orange wool (around 12g.)
green wool (around 10g.)
green curly wool (about 4g. or a handful)
white wool for bunnies (4g.)
poly fiber-fill stuffing or core wool (about 60g.)
ribbon (20″)
sewing thread (for wrapping the base shape)
felting needles-medium gauge (36pt. 38pt.)
sponge-needle felting surface

laura lee burch needle felting
1. The Bag: With sewing thread, firmly wrap the poly fiber-fill or core wool into the shape of a carrot. (12" long x 10" in diameter)


laura lee burch needle felting
2. The Bag: Needle felt orange wool over the entire base-shape.
needle felting bags
3.a. Stem/Handle: Take a strip of green wool (24" long x 1.5" wide) and needle felt it till it's firm. The stem will be needle felted till it is rope-like.


laura lee burch needle felting
3.b. Stem/Handle: Fold the strip of wool in half (length-wise) and needle felt till firm.
laura lee burch needle felting
3.c. Stem/Handle: The rope-like stem is ready for adding curly green locks.


laura lee burch needle felting
4.a. Cut out the top of the carrot bag with scissors.


laura lee burch needle felting
4.b. Think "making a jack-o-lantern": hollow our the carrot by cutting away at the interior poly fiber-fill or core wool and pull out the stuffing. Use plyers to pull out the interior if needed. Leave an exterior wall of about .75" so the walls of the carrot stay firm.


laura lee burch needle felting
4.c. Felt the inside of the hollowed-out carrot orange. The internal space in this carrot is 2" x 3".


laura lee burch needle felting
5. Poke a hole through the center of the carrot top.


laura lee burch needle felting
6. Thread both ends of the handle into the hole in the carrot top. Needle felt the ends of the stems down.


laura lee burch needle felting
7. The top of the carrot and stem should fit over the opening of the bag.


laura lee burch needle felting
8. Needle felt a flap (1" x 2") to connect the carrot top/stem to the bag.


waldorf for kids
8.b. Needle felt one end of the flap to the inside of the bag and the other end of the flap to the underside of the top/stem.


laura burch
8.c. The stem is now ready to be decorated. If you don't have curly green wool, you can substitute strips of green felt sewn onto the handle and snipped to look like carrot leaves.


laura burch
9. Needle felt curly green wool along the stem. Optional: Using a sewing needle and green thread, sew through and around the stem to help secure the curly wool.


laura burch
10. Cut a 20" long piece of ribbon in half. Sew one piece to the top of the bag and the other piece to the lip of the opening of the bag.


Time to make the Bunnies:

Laura Burch
1. Take a tuft of white wool and firmly roll it into a small ball (about 2.5" in diameter).


laura burch
2. Needle felt the ball till firm and smooth.


laura burch needle felting
3. Felt another ball of wool for the head, slightly smaller than the first ball of wool. Attach the two balls by felting around the base of the two balls.


laura burch
4.a. Needle felt a thin strip of wool till firm, fold it over once and felt both sides together. Attach the ear by felting the raw or unfelted end of the ear piece onto the head. Do this step twice.



laura burch needle felting
4.b. Finished needle felted bunny.



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