Needle Felted Fairytale Castle Tutorial

laura lee burch needle felting
Needle Felted Castle

One thing led to another, in reverse order…I wanted to make doll dresses, so I made a dress and then a princess to wear the pretty, pink dress, I made the gallant knight so the princess would have someone to do the chores around the castle, and I made the castle so the princess and her handy knight would have a place to live! After the castle and it’s inhabitants were done, I figured I’d needle felt a piece of realestate to put the caste, so I needle felted this forest scenery and a few trees-it all started with a pretty dress… This castle tutorial is an intermediate level – it’s fun to do! A pipe-cleaner doll tutorial is coming soon….


Needle felted Fairytale Castle

Dark grey wool batt-outside of castle, bottom of towers-approximately 275 grams
Light grey wool batt-inside of castle, stone decoration-approximately 275 grams
Orange wool- roofs-approximately.75grams
Brown wool-outside of door-approximately .2grams
Sponge-felting surface
Felting needles-medium gauge
Felting needle handles-for 4 needles and for 10 needles
String 12″ long
Scraps of different colored felt for flags
Sewing needle
Grey thread
Fabric glue

laura lee burch
top view of the needle felted castle

Note/Layers: The castle parts are made of 3 layers of wool, 1) an outside layer (dark grey wool with light grey stones), 2) a center layer (poly fiber-fill or core wool) and 3) an inside layer. Together, the three layers should be .5″ to .75″ thick once finished to make the walls of the castle stand firmly. THE KEY TO THIS PROJECT IS MAKING THE WALLS OF THE CASTLE THICK/STABLE! After the pieces are flat felted, you will roll them into the towers and main gate, sew a bottom on each and glue a roof to each tower (I didn’t glue the roof of the tall tower).

  • Dimensions: Follow the dimensions to layout the strips of wool for the castle pieces.
  • The main castle wall is 31″ long x 8.5″ tall
    The main castle wall bottom is 9″ in diameter
  • The two side towers are 13″ long x 9″ tall
    The side tower bottoms are 4″ in diameter
  • The main tower is 15″ tall x 9.5″ wide
    The main tower bottom is 4.5″ in diameter
  • The 3 tower roofs are 6″ in diameter
  • The bottom layer for the towers and main gate: 20″ x 20″ (The bottoms for all the towers and the gate can be cut out of this piece. The tall tower and the gate share a bottom.)  castle shapes diagram

Note: The basic shapes of the castle should be laid out to the above dimensions. For this project it is easier to layout wool batts because they come in rolls that are almost like fabric. If you are not using wool batts, lay out the wool pieces as you would lay out wool for wet felting: lay the first layer all in one direction and the second layer should be laid down in the opposite direction etc.

Note/Flat Felting: When all the layers of wool are laid out flat on the sponge felting surface, use a large handle (holding 10-20 needles is preferable) to felt the wool, felt first on one side, turn over and felt on the other side. Peel the wool off the sponge and keep turning the wool so it doesn’t stick to the sponge. Add the light grey wool for the stone details last.

laura lee burch
1. Layout each castle shape according to the pattern dimensions. Each shape will consist of 3 layers.


Laura Lee Burch
2. Needle felt poly fiber-fill or core wool as the interior/2nd layer.


Laura Lee Burch
3. Add the interior/3rd layer of wool.


Laura Lee Burch
4.a. Needle felt the stone haphazardly onto the main gate and the 3 towers. (The stones will be approximately 1"x2" each) and the 3 towers.


Laura Lee Burch
4.b. Stones detail


Laura Lee burch needle felting
5. Side Towers: Mark a square pattern on the top of the main castle wall. Each square is about 1" apart. Fold the towers and sew the edges together with a needle and thread. Fold the main gate into a circle and sew the edges to the tallest tower.


Laura Lee Burch needle felting
6. Put the wall and towers onto the bottom layer of wool, trace with chalk and cut out.


Laura Lee Burch needle felting
7.a. Sew the bottoms onto the towers and main gate with a needle and thread. Stuff the side towers and sew the top closed. (I used scraps of wool from past projects to stuff the towers). Stuff the Tall tower till just under the window, needle felt the stuffing inside the tall tower till it is firm like a floor. Sew the side towers onto the main gate. (This will help to stabilize the castle).
laura lee burch needle felting
7.b. Bottom of main gate/tall tower.
Laura Lee Burch needle felting
8.a. Cut the three roof circles from the orange wool: 7" in diameter


laura lee burch needle felting
8.b. In each roof circle, make one cut to the center of the circle


laura lee burch needle felting
8.c. Fold over both edges of the circle till it forms a shallow cone. Sew the edges of the cone, trim off the extra wool. Needle felt a small piece of orange wool to hide the sewn seam. Glue roofs to the side towers; I didn't glue a roof to the tall tower so that if can be lifted up and the dolls can be inside.


laura lee burch needle felting
8.d. The top of the tall tower is not glued on so the dolls can get inside.


laura lee burch needle felting
9.a. Mark the main door and tower window with chalk, cut out the window. Cut the arch of the door, but leave the bottom uncut so you can pull the door up and down like a draw-bridge.


laura lee burch needle felting
9.b. Finish the edges of the door, door, tower window and tops of the gate and towers, by felting grey wool onto them and then sewing them with a needle and grey thread.


laura lee burch needle felting
10. Needle felt brown wool onto the outside of the castle door.


laura lee burch needle felting
11. Cut 9 little triangles from different colored felt, glue them onto the string. String the flags over the door.


laura lee burch needle felting
fairytale caste, princess and knight


laura lee burch needle feltig
inside the castle

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  1. You may surprise yourself! Just don’t try to do it all at once, break it up into sections of time. E-mail me if you have any questions!
    Good luck,
    Laura 🙂

  2. I love your work, I found it by accident, I’m from Colombia. I’ve never seen that technique and I love, I will try to buy your books through amazon. You can suggest me any website? Thank you. Hugs. Beautiful work!

  3. Hi! I’m glad you found me; I have quite a few friends from Colombia! All the websites on my blogroll (left hand side of my blog) are pretty interesting, having to do with dolls, needle felting, crafts; you can take a look there for more places to visit. I have needle felting tutorials on my blog if you want to try to make something, it’s really fun!

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