Anita's glass paper weights

Sometimes I need inspiration to be creative; something to give me creative energy. My children inspire me, beauty and good deeds are also inspirational to me. Visually, I can look at a magazine or a book, go to the flea market (one of my favorites!), to an antique store or go browsing in a fabric shop. Fabric shops provide many textures and colors, this gives me many ideas, sometimes after seeing a certain color or seeing something in a certain light, an idea will jump into my head. Light is a big inspirational element for me. I find myself stopping in my tracks to contemplate an object lit in artistic light; I take photographs of these things whenever I have my camera with me.

dancing in Lucknow, India

beach in Tel Aviv, Israel

window light, Sintra, Portugal
A day in the country to see the Lipizaner horse show, Wisconsin
cathedral window, Portugal
prayer candles in Notre Dame, Paris
a roll of gold fabric in my studio
a window in Sintra, Portugal
Hannukah, the holiday of light