America 2010

The Chicago Theater sign, since 1921, Chicago, Illinois

We’re back from our trip to America, five hectic, fun-filled weeks of eating, visiting family and friends and shopping. I did a few things for the first time ever, like eating smores, I rode a jet-ski, I took wet-felting classes and I saw Las Vegas. No matter how long we’re there, it seems like there’s never enough time. Here are a few of the highlights.

70's wall design, Las Vegas NV
Slide ladder, American, Sawyer, MI
Inspiring Chicago architecture, Aqua Tower, Jeanne Gang, architect
Big catch, Galeena, IL
Big dots on sign, Las Vagas, NV
Black-eyed Susans, part of an authentic Illinois prarie designed landscape, Galeena, IL
Light & movement installment at the Sawyer MI children's museum.
Retro rug design from old Las Vegas hotel, Las Vegas, NV
Gold waffle wall, Las Vegas, NV
Having fun in Madison, IN
Flying kites in Sawyer, MI
Chicago's Navy Pier seen from lake Michigan
Kevin made strawberries dipped in chocolate for us!
Lili-mask, Madison, IN
Psycadelic bar in Las Vegas, NV
Sunset, the natural light show in Las Vegas.
Playing in the waves, Sawyer, MI

Thank you for flying Burch Airlines

Flying to Chicago

We’re off to Chicago! It’s been two years since we’ve been home and we’re all looking forward to discovering all the new “stuff” there is in America. The girls kept asking me (several weeks before the trip and also as we made our way through the airport), “Mama, are you excited yet?” I kept telling them no, not yet, not until there is a big burrito and a margarita sitting in front of me. You really can’t get Mexican food in Israel and it’s my favorite. We’re staying at the girls’ godparents house in Northbrook, IL  and taking several small trips outside of Illinois. I’ve got my camera out and I’m searching for things to inspire me. We’re always so delighted when we are reminded how friendly and helpful midwesterners are, it’s such a pleasant change from Israel. I’m going to the NIADA doll conference in downtown Chicago tomorrow. I’m pretty excited because I’ve never been to a doll show before and I know that the work of the participants, teachers and  lecturers is of the highest quality. I want to learn something new.

white needle felted airplane

Before I left Israel I finished quite a few pieces. This little airplane was one of the needle felted toys that I made with little boys in mind. Customers of my store and mothers in my felting classes always tell me that it’s much harder to find cute things for boys, so I started to think about toys that I could felt for boys that you don’t often see. One of the things that I came up with was this easy to make, needle felted airplane. For the main photo of this blog post I painted a backdrop of clouds and photographed the airplane against it. Stay tuned for more NIADA doll conference details….


Elli jumping into the lake at Lois and Hal's

When I was a kid, I remember how long the summers seemed to be. Trips to the family farm in Lexington Indiana were special to us; my grandpa Perk was born there in a little cabin in the woods that fell down long ago.  We stayed in my Aunt’s house, where my grandpa also stayed when he was working on the farm.The two story house was white with a front porch and of course an old hound dog named Duke, sleeping by the front door. My sister and I slept on a feather bed that enveloped us; I can’t imagine what sleeping on that bed would do to my back today. We slept in pitch black (no street lamps) and listened to a symphony of crickets and bull frogs outside. My grandpa would get up at dawn and so would my sister, they would check the cows, then go fishing in the pond by the house. I always slept late, but when I finally got up I would go out and look at my aunt Lee’s horses. By the lake, we swam, played in the fishing boats, and walked around the property. I helped my dad clean the fish that we spent the day catching and my mom and grandma would fry them in a skillet on the fire.

I’ve been so busy working on projects for my store, that I haven’t had time for summer. I’m taking time out right now to reflect on what summer should be.

Greenfield geese
Indiana State Fair pigs-I just love pigs!
The waterfall in Millinium Park, Chicago
Lili smelling the lilies
fishing with Tye
a big green yard to jump around it
driving with Grandpa Herb in the parking lot
Riding ponies at the Renaissance Fair

An historic day!

I was so thrilled that Barak Obama was elected president, that I felted a puppet of him. This is an historic day, and I see that some of those around me don’t understand why. I see attitudes pertaining to race changing for the better in America and I feel that this is an important and progressive movement in the lives of the American people. I grew up in the Midwestern United States in the 1960’s and I’ve heard and seen the racial attitudes of many of my family and friends and I know we are now moving forward. Good luck, Mr. President!

Barak Obama