Playing with the “imagination computer”

Playing on the "imagination computer"

I just couldn’t take it anymore! The blaring t.v., the fighting over who’s turn it was on the computer, the bickering over the t.v. channels, my kids were bored and glued to the mind numbing appliances again. So, I pulled out the “imagination computer” , (a laptop computer made from fabric and vinyl) that I made a while back and handed it to the two younger ones (8 and 11 years old) and suggested that they play “office” as I turned off all the mind numbing appliances. I gathered up some office supplies like paper, a stapler, tape, pens, envelopes and an old brief case.  Along with the “imagination computer, I set up an “office” at the kitchen table. My kids love to play imagination games, but sometimes I have to give them ideas and start them off. 

Imagination computer, open
imagination computer, closed

Sometimes both girls want their own computer (surprise, surprise!), so we quickly make another one by folding a piece of cardboard in half and drawing a computer screen on the top half and a keyboard on the bottom half. And now we have two computers in the office!

Laptop for pretend play

 The “imagination computer” looks real because I printed clip-art of a screen and keyboard onto cotton using a digital printing process. The mouse is a little stuffed animal; it’s tail (cable) is sewn into the side of the computer. The outside of the computer is made from silver vinyl. When your kids are not playing with the computer as a toy, it can be used as a frame by putting photos or drawings into the screen and the two small rectangles of clear vinyl under the keyboard. The computer works as an adorable room decoration as well as a great toy! 

The computer mouse is attached to the laptop by his tail.