Needle Felted Nursery Rhymes-Humpty Dumpty

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Needle Felted Humpty Dumpty

I’ve been wanting to needle felt Humpty Dumpty for a long time; I saw the kid’s movie Puss in Boots the other day and all the cute fairy tale characters in the movie inspired me to finally make him. I didn’t have a detailed image of Humpty in my mind before I started him, I just knew that he should look like he just stepped out of the pages of Mother Goose’s nursery rhymes.

needle felted nursery rhymes
Humpty lives life on the edge.

I also imagined that my Humpty would be living his life to the fullest, taking chances and not always taking the “safe road”. I wanted Humpty to balance on the wall he’s so famously known to be sitting on. How did he just fall off a wall while sitting there;  he doesn’t really look athletic to me, but really! So my Humpty is walking along his wall, dancing, moving and balancing.

all the kings horses and all the king's men
Humpty Dumpty is fearless


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Humpty Dumpty detail

Of course the face is my favorite part of the doll, I’ve come to the conclusion that one of my next projects should be needle felting a “portrait” or bust of a real person to see how close I can come to achieving a likeness. Portraits were one of my favorite things to draw and paint; I haven’t done one in quite a long time.

laura lee burch nursery rhymes
Humpty on stage

My kids think my Humpty Dumpty is “creepy”, but then they think all dolls that don’t look young and storybook beautiful are ugly. I asked them to imagine who this guy is, what does he do for a living and why is is cavorting on a stone wall! I think Humpty looks kind and is probably an eccentric. What do you think?

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Humpty Dumpty 2012

Humpty Dumpty is needle felted from wool. He has glass eyes. He stands 11″ tall x 4.5″ wide.

Needle felted fruit vessels-Utility vs. Chachka*

needle felted pear vessel

I like to make things that have a purpose, that I can use in some way rather than just look at them. I used to have a shelf in my bedroom when I was a kid, it was full of nick-nacks that I had collected. I used to collect things that had to do with ducks and antique doo-dads, etc. etc.; I used to like to just look at the things on my little shelf. Now days, these doo-dads that I used to like to collect seem to be more dust collectors than anything else, so now if I have pretty things sitting around, I like for them to have a purpose. Not to mention the fact that in Israel, we have very limited space to put chachkas! So when I start thinking about things to felt, I try to imagine different items (that maybe I already have), in felted form. A needle felted vessel, like a bowl probably has a very limited functionality in it’s traditional use as a holder for food, but I put change, keys or wrapped candies in mine.

Functional needle felted vessel

I like to make my fruit and vegatable vessels by hollowing out a sphere, then continuing to build the shape on the top and bottom halves. I prefer the very simple shapes and colors of these vessels; I like the finished pieces to be graphic in appearance.

*Chachka-A Yiddish word for an inexpensive, showy trinket, whatnot, doodad, collectable, objet d’art, kicknack, bric-a-brac.