Peace Felt 2010

Peace Man

I just finished my piece for the Peace Felt 2010 event. The “V” hand signal and the white dove with an olive branch in it’s beak were the first two peace symbols that came to my mind after I decided to join the Peace Felt group. I put the two symbols together for a stronger impact. My piece was made with a combination of wet and needle felting techniques.

Peace Dove detail

Peace or the lack of peace is something I think about almost every day here in Israel. I read about attempts at peace negotiations on the front page of the newspapers, I see how a lack of peace effects the economy here and I see how the lack of peace effects the social atmosphere around me.

back/wrong side of peace symbol

Not only does Israel have peace issues to deal with but many refugees from war torn countries come to Israel seeking asylum. I see people looking for peace, looking for peaceful lives and peace of mind in ways many people take for granted. I’m not sure what my little felt sculpture can do to help make peace but perhaps it can be a small reminder of how important it is and that we should all strive for peace and try to influence our own governments to attain it.

Peace symbol for Peace Felt 2010