Paper Clay Sculpted Animal Dolls

sculpting paper clay
Mama Bunny and her three babies

A few years ago I was into sculpting with paper clay. I love the hands-on, work of getting dirty; I missed this type of art when I was only designing on the computer (now I do both). This mama rabbit is a bank; you can put money into her through a slot in the back of her neck.  

bunny bank
She's a bank.

One theme that I see in my work is that of utility; the sculpture is also a bank. It isn’t my style to sculpt a rabbit just for the beauty of a rabbit, so I make the art functional. As time has passed, I’ve started to make art for the sake of art (progress I think). 

paper clay sculpture
Mama rabbit bank, back view

 I put the three bunny babies into the mama’s apron, maybe I was sculpting myself with three little girls.

baby bunnies
Three baby bunnies

Each little bunny is sculpted from paper clay and painted with acrylics, like the mama. They sit in their mama’s apron, living the life of Riley!

rabbit jewelry
Carrot necklace

Mama Bunny is decked out in a paper clay sculpted, carrot necklace and a handmade, cotton dress and apron with Portuguese lace. After I made the Mama Bunny and babies, I made more animal dolls. First I made Mr. Rabbit; his head is sculpted from paper clay, but his body is made from cotton and painted with acrylics. 

paper clay sculpted Mr. Rabbit
Classically dress Mr. Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit is wearing a wool jacket, plaid wool pants, a white cotton shirt with brown antique buttons; a brown velvet bow-tie finishes off his elegant ensemble. I’m sure Mr. Rabbit has a smoking jacket in his closet at home.

carrot kercheif
Mr. Rabbit wears a carrot kercheif

Because I have a fetish for ducks (I collect duck nick-nacks), I made Mrs. Duck.

duck doll
Mrs. Duck

Mrs. Duck has a paper clay sculpted head and a cloth body. Her head and body are both painted with acrylic paints. Mrs. Duck is wearing an antique doll dress and a handmade bonnet; she’s the picture of pretty for spring!

spring bonnet
Mrs. Duck wears a spring bonnet of handmade roses.

I think Mrs. Duck has the personality of Sandra Dee or Doris Day; she’s the duck next door with a sweet, chirpy personality!

Mrs. Duck
Mrs. Duck, the duck next door.