Tel Aviv T-Market=Hip

Tel Aviv T-Market Poster

There are a lot of artistic outlets in Tel Aviv, some are more hip than others. The T-Market is one of the more hip places for the “all ages adult” crowd.

all kinds of t-shirts; this one says: I'm laughing on the inside.

Those who are into retro designs and fashion that you can’t find anywhere else will love the T-Market, supporting local artists allows you to wear art, make a statement and let others know a little bit what you’re about. The atmosphere at this market is much like that of a club; there’s a live d.j., a bar and lots of cool people. In Tel Aviv, a place that is always in some mode of warm, t-shirts are very popular. Tricot (the fabric used to make t-shirts) is being used in unique designs and innovative styles; these garments make for a very comfortable, easy to wear, fashionable wardrobe.  It seems to me that t-shirts are fashionable world-wide these days, not so much of a sports garment like they used to be.

Beautiful, Bauhaus building in Tel Aviv; Tel Aviv is known for it's Bauhaus architecture.

At the T-Market, you can find just the right t-shirt to express your personality or issues that may define you.

T-shirt in Arabic

not sure what the Arabic says…

Not tested on animals

There are plenty of other things that a hip person might want at the T-Market like retro hats…

retro, Brat-pack style hats

Plastic shoes…

Dorthy-red, plastic shoes

The ever so popular, phone covers.

phone covers

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The definition of someone who is cool or hip (according to my 14 year old daughter who has her finger on the pulse of cool) is:

  • someone who uses the word hip  is never cool (sigh)
  • someone who doesn’t care if their style is different than everyone else’s
  • someone who is likeable
  • someone who is inspirational

For those of you in or around Tel Aviv who may want to visit the T-Market, it is held every Rosha Shana and Passover in the Barzilai compound, off Ha Mazger Street in Tel Aviv.