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My Art

Chicago Textile and Oil Painting

I start to work late afternoon to evening, I'm a night person. I work in my home studio, it's an inspirational space!


My home is in a 300-year-old Ottoman (Turkish style) building in the ancient port city of Jaffa Israel, my studio is one of the rooms of the apartment....


What I Make

Fine Art and Portraits Chicago

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My Story

Home and Room Decor Chicago

I grew up in Greenfield, Indiana (USA); I now live in Tel Aviv, Israel and it sometimes amuses me that I've ended up in such a different place than where I started.

I studied art at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and Florence, Italy. University was my first multicultural experience, I loved it so much that I've lived in big cities since then, leaving my idyllic childhood landscapes behind...

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Laura Lee Burch


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