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"You've always been whimsical mama" my daughter Lili told me. Thinking back on all of it, that's probably the best way to describe my art. Always intrigued by magical stories, fairies, gnomes, mushroom landscapes and imaginary worlds, you can see these things in my art throughout the years.  I grew up in the small town of Greenfield, Indiana (USA); surrounded by cows, horses, ducks and dogs. 

In the art world there is a sense that as a "real" and serious artist, one should be sending messages of importance to the world such as political statements, feminists support, climate change awareness etc. Even though I have dabbled in messages important to me in the past, I keep returning to art that is beautiful and whimsical. The message I'm sending to the world through my art is: see the beauty around you, even if you have to look very hard to find it. To keep the childhood wonder alive in yourself, look to the color and the light and the things that make you smile.

I studied art at Indiana University, Bloomington and Florence, Italy.

My Studio

I start to work late afternoon to evening, I'm a night person. I work in my home studio, it's an inspirational space! My home is in a 300-year-old Ottoman (Turkish style) building in the ancient port city of Jaffa Israel, my studio is one of the rooms of the apartment.


The walls are made of large stones with 16 feet vaulted ceilings, we rehabbed the inside of this ancient building in a modern style. The building started as a barn in the old flea market. The animals were kept downstairs and the animal herders stayed in room upstairs, which are now our home. There is a timeless quality in this castle-like building. 

I have my favorite works hanging up around me in the studio, I also have an inspiration board in my studio which gives me joy. Around me stand the wooden tool chest my father made, the embroideries of my grandmother, old photos, funny cards and photos of the girls when they were young. 

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