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A commissioned oil painting requires many hours of work and concentration; completion time will depend on the size of the finished piece. I will discuss a timeline with each client. Please contact and send high-resolution photos to me at



  1. We will discuss which photo to use and the size of the final piece. Please mention if you have a due date in mind.

  2. I will work on the painting. It must dry before a layer of varnish is added. ( the varnish protects the painting). The varnish must dry completely before I make a custom box for your artwork.

  3. I will show you a photo of your painting for approval.

  4. I will package and ship your painting by EMS, DHL or FEDEX, depending on the size and best price for your area.


Payment: Payment is required before I start a painting. The shipping cost must be payed upon completion (after the painting is weighed in its shipping box.) Direct deposit, credit card or PayPal are accepted.

Thanks for submitting!

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