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This is an art doll! Needle felted "Don't Mess with Mama" is felted from wool, her frying pan and shoes are waxed with bee's wax, she has glass doll eyes and comes with a custom stand. This mama is giving someone (probably her husband) the stink eye, she's not to be messed with. I made this art doll at the same time I was making many femenist pieces.  This piece particarly symbolizes women standing up for themselves. The doll is dressed in a1940 or 1950's style, at a time when a woman standing up for herself was probably harder than it is today. 

This piece was needle felted from wool and sculpted with wax. Needle felting is the sculpture of raw wool with special needles. Fine details and a strong structure can be accomplished with needle felting.

Don't Mess with Mama

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