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Supporting Animal Sanctuaries with Art

Resident of Arthurs Acres Animal Sanctuary

I started oil painting in 2020 during the pandemic; I took several on-line lessons from artists that I’m following on Instagram. I’m exploring ways to use my art to make an impact and help people and animals. I’m sending these painting to Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary in hopes they can sell/auction them to raise money for the animals.


Morty was the animal that first got my attention, he’s the big, pink “looker” that lives at Arthur’s Acres Animal Sanctuary with the rest of his curly-tailed friends and Todd Friedman in Parksville, New York. I love pigs and this unique pig pulled me in! Arthur’s Acres rescues and rehabilitates animals in need.

Morty the Tractor Pig

I’ve learned so much about pigs and different pig breeds by watching Todd’s posts. I like to watch the pumpkin parties, strawberry parties and carrot parties etc. that Todd throws for his residents:) Watching these intelligent animals makes me smile and watching Todd and his helpers take care of them warms my heart!


Here is the link to Arthur’s Acres: and

I’ve used the photos of Pitchfork Warrior, friend of Arthurs Acres for my paintings.

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